Why Render a House

You might have often wondered what the big deal about a render finish is. Why is it so popular with home owners in Sydney? There are several reason why rendering a house has gained a great deal of popularity. The following are a few reason why you should consider rendering your property as well.

  • It can greatly improve the aesthetics of your house. It can actually help brighten dull and decrepit old walls. It can give a complete face lift to your home, making it stand out as the best looking home in the whole street. We all want our place to look great and rendering could help with that. Brick walls tend to become debilitated over the years. Therefore rendering it can add a look of grace and beauty to otherwise drab looking walls.
  • Rendering can be either done using pebble dash but these day a white and smooth render is quite the in thing and looks really classy.
  • Another reason why most people choose to render their home is due to the penetrating damp and other issues which can cause a moisture build up in the walls. This buildup can cause the paint to peel and crack and also cause damage to the underlying structure. Also the moisture might enter the walls from the outside of the walls and makes its way into the interior of the home as well. It starts showing up as great big damp blotches on the interior of the wall. Using a coat of render on the exterior wall can prevent moisture seeping in.
  • However, it is better to keep in mind that if there are damp issues before you get your home rendered, it is better to get an experts advice regarding the best course of action.
  • Rendering can also provide your home with an insulation effect. While the effect is not too great but it still does a good job of keeping your home warm during the winters and also preserves the cooling during the hot summer months. This is because it prevents the hot and cool air from seeping in directly. Plus a render finish cost a great deal less than external insulation.

Types of render to look for?

It is important to choose the right kind of render, otherwise you might end up creating the problem instead of overcoming it. The following are a few types of render which you could use on the external walls of your home:

  • Acrylic render is popular because it has some of the most vibrant colours to choose from. It is also relatively cheaper than all other kinds of render.
  • Mineral render is pretty tough and can be more durable than acrylic ones. However it is a mid-way option.
  • Silicon render is by far the most expensive rendering option. The benefits it ha is that it’s self-cleaning and quite breathable. But keep in mind that it can only be implemented during summer because it require ample amount of drying time.