Tips for Buying Timber Furniture

Wooden furniture is quite classy. It can add a touch of grace and beauty to any room plus it looks pretty sophisticated. It doesn’t matter whether you admire antique timber furniture or prefer the more contemporary minimalistic look, wooden furniture is a class apart.

Wooden furniture can be hand crafted as well as designed in workshops. Sometimes wooden furniture is customised according to the needs of the client. While customised wooden furniture is expensive, it can be a sound investment. This is because good quality timber can last for ages and also requires as little maintenance as possible.

Make sure to keep in mind the following tips when it comes to buying timber furniture in Sunshine Coast:

  • Choose furniture which is made from solid boards instead of veneers or particle boards. This is because the solid boards improve the sturdiness of a furniture. You don’t want to invest in furniture which doesn’t withstand the test of time.
  • When you go to buy the furniture don’t be swayed by the fact how good it actually looks. While aesthetics are important you also need to check for any problems in the design and the built. When taking a look at different furniture pieces make sure to keep your eyes open for any splits in the design. Also make sure you check for the sturdiness of the furniture. When going shopping for furniture it is important that you don’t go in a rush and take your time selecting the right kind of furniture in sunshine coast.
  • Also don’t forget to take a look at the back panel of the furniture. You need to ensure that it is screwed properly and not just tacked with the help of flimsy looking pins or staples. The latter is a sign of the furniture being low quality and something which you shouldn’t be buying.
  • When buying wooden cupboards and cabinets, check the hinges for durability and strength. The door to the cupboards and cabinet should open without a great deal of effort and swing properly.
  • For bigger furniture pieces like beds and dressing tables, there should be tenon joints and mortise. This is because sometimes screws my also not do a good job of holding the complete piece together.
  • When buying item like chairs for the dining or the sitting area make sure you check out the balance and see whether the chair is sturdy enough to sit on.
  • Keep in mind that if a furniture already has some sort of factory finish on it, it would be difficult to polish it some other colour. So if in the future if you decide to go for a lighter or darker hue it might not be possible. For someone who prefers different or unique hues, customised furniture is often he answer.
  • Last but not the least don’t forget to check the furniture for the presence of wood worms. Simply knock on the wood and if you notice powder coming out it’s an indication that wood louse are present.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you buy the best timber furniture in Sunshine Coast.