Air Conditioning Installation

With summer at its peak, it’s no wonder that most home owners want to come back home to a cool room where they can relax after a hard day’s work. If you are thinking about air conditioning installation in your homes, there are a few factors which you need to keep in mind.

  • Installing an AC can be expensive. Be prepared to shell out a few thousand dollars if you are calling in professional help for air conditioning installation Toowoomba. It is always better to get the unit installed by an expert so you can rest assured that everything would be done systematically and there are no glitches after installation.
  • The cost of the installation could start anywhere from $5000 and could be more if there are larger spaces which need to be cooled. This would mean extra installations and wirings.
  • It is advisable to only go for cooling rooms which are used more often. While the other rooms can easily suffice with the use of a ceiling fan. This can help conserve energy and also lower the utility bills. When the unit is not in use, it’s better to switch it off only to be used again when the need arises. If you are about to leave your home, you should switch off the cooling unit to save energy and money as well.

  • Before you call in a professional installation team make sure all the duct work in your home is in proper working conditions. All loose wirings or old cabling might need to be replaced. Or if you want you can get help from a professional to correct anything which would require rectification. However, the installation costs might go up if there is extensive duct work required.
  • You would need to choose an air conditioner size which would work for your home. If the rooms are smaller you could easily use a smaller unit while larger areas would need larger units. Get advice from a professional on what unit would work efficiently in your homes.
  • You should know the residential code of installing an AC unit in your homes.
  • Make sure you have a shady spot ready for the condenser. If the condenser is placed in an area which is open and allows loads of sunshine it could get warmed up pretty quick and put a load on the system. This means the unit has to work harder to provide proper cooling.
  • Choosing a unit which has a higher energy star rating. This way you can ensure that you are saving up on the utility bills. These day it is easy to find units with very high ratings. This can actually conserve great deal of energy and lower electricity bills.
  • You even have an option of upgrading your system by installing a heat pump along with the cooling unit. This way you can stay comfy the whole year and use the unit accordingly on what actually works for you.